Heavy Equipment

Melvin's Mobile Automotive Detailing Service also washes HEAVY EQUIPMENT!  If you have bulldozers, loaders, backhoes, haulers, etc., we can provide you the services you need.  You no longer need to maintain your own wash rig or maintain a stock of chemicals.  Best of all, you don't need to tie up expensive employee man-hours!  With a fixed price per unit, your fleet will look better, components will last longer, and your operators will have a better attitude.  A representative sample of equipment and prices are below (click on the individual plan for more details), or call us for a customized quote.

"We Come To You!" We're licensed and insured, all work is guaranteed, and we're available for those urgent and emergency calls, so call us at (301)540-2770 or (301)275-6352.

Melvin's Mobile is a licensed and bonded service that serves the Washington Metropolitan area, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Auto Detailing Services
Office: (301)540-2770 Mobile: (301)275-6352
Licensed and Insured